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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations: Standards of Quality are the scaffolds for The Arc Kohler School’s developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Formal academic programs such as Edmark, SRA, Touch Math and Handwriting Without Tears are implemented in the subject areas of reading, math, science and handwriting.

A multi-sensory, theme based curriculum is utilized to address all subject areas including social studies, pre-academic and functional life skills.  All classrooms operate on a thirty minute schedule throughout the six-hour school day.   In the course of the week, all subject areas are addressed.

A combination of whole group, small group, and individual instruction is utilized to accommodate the learning style of each student and promote generalization of skills.  Differentiated instruction is used to address all academic and functional levels.  Varying the instruction modality allows each child to learn effectively despite their differences in ability.

In order for any curriculum to be highly effective, it must be fluid.  Methodology can and does change based on current needs in the school and new instructional material being developed.

Kisses from Lucy

We will not have the opportunity to Thank Everyone individually so please enjoy a cupcake as a small token of our appreciation for all that everyone has done for Lucy these past two years.

Kisses from LucyShe has developed so much from the 'baby' she was and we are so pleased with her progress.

You have changed her life and ours. It takes very special people to work with kids with challenges.

You are all angels in our eyes and we are so fortunate to have gotten to know many of you.

Kohler is truly a special place and it is because very special people work there.

We wish everyone the best and please keep in touch.

- Joelene and Joe